Our many years of experience and a broad portfolio of campaigns help you increase your profits. As a publisher, we offer you an exclusive setup and comprehensive, individual support. olicci AdServer for Publisher is an AdServer package that is optimally used by website owners to effectively manage and deliver all ads on different websites as well as mobile devices (mobile phone and tablet).

olicci offers a publisher adserver package that provides optimal use for website owners to effectively manage and deliver ads across multiple websites – as well as mobile devices.

A broad range of publisher features for statistics, tracking, API and more helps you to optimize your campaign and thus your profits. Different targeting functions enable optimal delivery and thus increased user attention. At the same time, the right ads are delivered to the right user – at the right time, in the right place.

As publisher or publisher, Olicci offers you the necessary flexibility and security to successfully implement your ideas and strategies.

We enable comprehensive reporting, as well as fast and efficient management, evaluation and optimization of your digital campaigns, while helping to increase and increase revenues and revenues – and reduce time to ROI.