Account Manager

to manage manager

Affiliate Adserver is equipped with a unique feature, where the operator can distribute all tasks to different managers. Each manager has an user account that allows them to manage different inventories or perform other tasks such as reviewing advertisements.


Content administration

Advertiser: campaign and creative reports Publisher: site and ad block Geographic report Environment performance


Linear and non-linear

The advertiser delivers the native ad on the publisher‘s website. The advertising refers to the advertisers’ messages but is adjusted by the deposited CSS files of the respective website on which they are to be displayed and thus optimally integrated into the editorial area. Due to the editorial integration, more attention and positive results are achieved.

Affiliate Features

Manager module

The affiliate functions provide more revenue for the operator of an olicci Enterprise Adserver by enabling the operator to make the ad server functions available to the subscriber process to third business units that want to build up their own ad network.

Browser Targeting

Attention after browser usage

Advertiser have the possibility to limit their ad delivery to predefined use of browsers. Provided that the findings of the desired target audience are available due to the browsers used, this targeting possibility can be used profitable.

Bulk Upload

Import CSV files

The operator can do the mass import of banners, campaigns for advertisers and mass uploading of websites to zones for publishers using CSV files.

Contextual Targeting

Define meta keywords

Contextual targeting takes into account that the ad server delivers predefined ads only if the websites visited by the user match the keywords stored there. This ensures that the ads appear only in the desired editorial environment.

Conversion Tracking

Optimize on results

olicci Affiliate Adserver is designed to track conversions (CPA) and no impressions or clicks. The additional function of campaigns based on advertising can automatically optimize for conversions.

Creating native ads

Adapted advertising forms

By placing targeted advertising messages - in conjunction with the possibility to integrate images - these advertisements are adapted to the web page design of the playing URL. This eliminates the need to manually create advertisements and upload them to the inventory. By selecting the destination URL, i.e. the advertising space, the general appearance is pre-defined and - in combination with the respective advertising message and its additional images - is played out in an editorial environment. Further options for the adjustment are available depending on the placement.

Credit Line

Maximum attention

The credit line is the basic for daily budgets, with the help of which the advertiser is able to deliver ad campaigns. The advertiser can set up stocks, when they should be notified if their credit balances, or even when set day budgets are reached - to expand or reduce this if necessary.

Cross Plattform support

The olicci Enterprise Adserver system supports all types of display formats such as display, mobile and video. It offers great opportunities for advertisers to market their brands and the website operators get more advertisers.

Customized Advertising

Define your own advertising formats

The ad server solution provides full flexibility to support different sizes of ad units, for example with native ads. It allows you the integration of custom personalized banners for your campaigns. This means that your advertising medium is perfectly tailored to the advertising space on the publisher’s website.

Demand Side Plattform

Generate campaigns in real time

Demand Side Platform automatically fills the existing inventory with the sale of the existing advertising spaces (display, game, video ads) by linking to several ad networks. In milliseconds ad prices and advertisements are negotiated in the background for any ad deliveries. The best possible placement is negotiated in the form of real-time bidding - and includes dedicated campaigns - always aiming to maximize sales.

Demographic Targeting

Reach your target group

Demographic targeting allows to determine the users according to their age, gender and profile. For example targeted film-related ads to the male users with age group between 15 and 30.

Display Optimization

To control delivery

Display Optimization allows you to optimize full control over ad delivery with respect to the targeting of only specific / relevant users, as well as their conversions. This allows you to increase your income while at the same time reducing delivery costs. Create free inventory, test this with other products.

Dynamic Alert System

On time communication

Dynamic Alert System ensures communication between advertisers and publishers
communicates with both - Advertisers and Publishers - and updates them on the happenings within the system promptly. Thus, it helps them to take decisions in real time and communicate instantly within the ad network.

Fraud Detection System

To exclude frauds

The Fraud Detection System quickly pinpoints all fraudulent clicks, thus saving expenses and can lead to the exclusion of certain users - and saving time and money. On the basis of the findings, they can adapt the system and act accordingly to detect and eliminate further fraud.

Frequency Capping

Keep ads exclusive

Frequency Capping supports the advertiser to improve the performance and reach of their online advertising campaigns. It allows advertisers to limit how often a visitor sees a particular ad - resulting in increased attention to each ad.

GEO Targeting

To reach user anywhere on the globe

Geo Targeting supports advertisers to optimize user based on their geo locations - such as country, region, city, postal code, IP address, etc. - by providing the appropriate ads.

Global Real Time Bidding

Global Real Time Bidding allows an ad exchange to define the minimum price for an ad space and decide whether it can be bidding in "realtime". This means that in real-time advertisers can influence the placement but especially the order of delivery.

Graphic & Analytic Reporting

Clarify helps to act

Get real-time statistics from all campaigns based on geography, environment, websites and ad units. Identify the effectiveness of video ads based on explicit values such as running video, stopped video, paused video, re-started videos. Take advantage of the variety of sorting options for effective campaigning.

IAB Ad Formats

Rich Interactive

IAB Ad Formats supports all the advanced and successful ad formats such as Text, HTML, Image and Flash ads for display and Image, Text, MRAID and IAB Rising Star Ad Formats for mobile.

IN-Feed Advertising

The in-feed advertising is divided into two types. The sponsored/content ads will reflect the content available in the feeds. The in-feed promotional ads will appear in-stream and it redirects the audience to advertiser’s website. Examples for in-feed promotional ads are popular blogs and websites.

IN-Stream Video Support

Linear and non-linear

In-Stream Video Support supports all in-stream video ad formats which include both linear and non linear video ads. Linear video ads comprise pre roll, mid roll & post roll. Non linear video ads comprise overlay video ads. Both linear and non linear ads can be clubbed with companion ads.

Inventory Management

To manage different channels

The ad server has a highly scalable inventory management system to manage advertisers and publishers. The system provides a simple inventory by providing a clear picture in form of the list of advertisers, the respective websites and the associated campaigns and zones.

Manage HOUSE ADs

Self promotional ads

This feature manages placing of house ads (Self-promotional ads of one’s one inventory) to utilize the space on unsold inventory.

Manual Linking

Targeted linking of relevance

Manual linking allows advertisers to link to the available and relevant zones. Even if the ad server performs this task automatically, you are always able to manually link - or disable any zones.

Meta Campaigns

Define meta keywords

Meta campaigns are used to play advertisements on a variety of websites. This form of campaign is focused on targeted products, which refer to the content of the website. It is also suitable for branding campaigns targeting a predefined target group. Such campaigns are usually set up for longer periods of time in order to achieve long-term results from the target approach.

Mobile Ads / Device Support

Mobile ad formats deliver the ads in Android / iOS / Windows / PhoneGap/Cordova/Ionic Framework/JavaScript/HTML5 Apps through the olicci Mobile SDK. It delivers IAB standard images and text ads. The supported mobile ad formats are: IAB Rising Star: Full page Flex, Adhesion, Pull, Slider, Filmstrip in Apps. - APP support: Prestitial, Postitial, SplashScreen and In-game apps.

Mobile App SDK

Deliver ads to apps

Mobile Apps SDK supports providing ads in mobile applications and is based on IAB standard ad formats. Integrated with unique features such as Cross App unique user recognition and Auto Ad Refresh.

MOBILE Device detection library

targeted audience on used equipment

For banners, the ad server for mobile ads is technically designed to reach the right mobile devices. This is the purposeful advertising campaign to reach the desired customers and to maximize sales. It helps to filter the irrelevant audience and reach the right audience.


optimized for many languages and currencies

olicci Mobile Ad Server is equipped with multi-lingual and multiple currency support, where the user selects his or her specific language - or selects the country’s currency based on its location to trade across countries. This enormously increases the user diversity worldwide.

Network administration

to manage independent registrations

The network administration supports the product owner to manage his advertising network for all daily activities and to manage all affiliate advertising networks. Administration tools are: ad server management, payment management, menu administration, website management, etc..

Optimized Databases

To provide sufficent performance

The used and optimized databases allow to process 10 million inserts and more per day. The database base is designed to handle high-volume deliveries and is also resistant to crashes or attacks by third parties. By using the right hardware structure the performance can be further increase.

OS Targeting

Based on the operating system

All ads that have been targeted with OS will only reach the users of certain operating systems, whether desktop display deliveries or mobile deliveries. Maximize sales by targeted audience.


Ensure 100% fill rate

This system provides 100% utilization through a variety of ad requests. By tracking all ad requests / traffic information from each participating publisher all ad requests and their responses are tracked.

Payment systems

Olicci Ad Server for Video Ads contain reports on paid data, revenue, invoices and credit balances at the respective time. Advertisers are informed promptly when day budget has been reached - or the general credit is largely exhausted. Advertisers are given several options to design their credit so that their own campaigns reach the desired users effectively without interruption. There are various payment options available for desired payments such as PayPal, credit card payments or targeted and quickly identifiable transfers.


Results by placement

Most websites contain several sections in which ads can be made. The placements are indicated by the respective section of the website in the native ad server. The placement is a placeholder that provides the place in the website for the delivery of editorial similar ads.

Plattform reporting

Overview of all activities

Platform Reporting is a tool that provides transparency reporting on the entire ad network process. It supports to analyze and optimize the overall ad network performance. Administrators or managers can generate customized statistical reports and customize them using different conversions, metrics, filters, and groupings - by selecting the appropriate options.


Overview reports
Geographic reports
Website reports
Ad block reports

Publisher Referal Programm

Earn through referals

Referrals to additional website providers (publishers) can generate additional revenue. For each turnover which is attributable to a mediation a percentage share is credited to the intermediary.

Real Time Bidding

Bid & earn

RTB (Real-Time Bidding) is an online advertising optimization technology that aims to increase the value of ad impressions by dynamically targeting users.


Right audience at right time

The olicci adserver offers the possibility to track the activities of the visitors of your website by means of various characteristics such as location, behavior, interests, etc.


payment made easy

The integrated payment system provides both prepaid and postpaid options for advertisers which help planning their budgets. It is an easy to use interface for advertisers and publishers to manage transactions and process commission payments.

Reporting & analytics

Handy reports & solutions

This feature gives you the ability to measure your website visitors, analyze user purchase details and study habits - and address them in a variety of user-friendly formats.


Define reporting

Advertisers and publishers can generate a variety of reports about campaigns, advertising materials, places of delivery, placements, and their organizations. The operator can predefine and display the reporting format for clicks and impressions based on ads, websites and the country.

Rest API Support

Connect third-party applications

The rest API support provides access to inventory and reports in the platform by an authenticated user using the formats of XML, CSV, JSON and PHP Array.


Increase brand curiosity

Re-targeting - an advanced feature of the olicci Enterprise Adserver - helps to capture and analyze the behavior of a visitor to deliver insights from the interests of that user. This results in increased chances of user retention in a sales transaction. This supports the advertisers to achieve their goals.


Track where sales generated

Analyzes the results of the advertiser based on the advertisements visited by the website visitor. Optimize your advertising spend using the information on where to get which results. Website operators (publishers) can use this to analyze which products or offers on which of their ad units generate positive results.

Supply Side Plattform

To offer inventory to a variety of advertisers

The Supply Side Platform automatically links its own ad inventory with a large number of possible campaigns via various connected ad networks. It is negotiated in the background whether there are possible campaigns in the connected ad networks, which can generate more revenue than the self-contained campaigns can generate. Apart from a maximum positive utilization of your own inventory with real-time bidding sales, it also leads to a corresponding campaign diversity.


Monitoring the ad networks

This is a unique feature in which both the operator and subscribers have full control over their respective networks, which in turn helps to manage and plan the activities in their advertising networks independently.

Tablet Banner Support

play ads appropriately

Tablet Banner Support serves as a multipurpose product, as it displays ads not only on mobile websites and apps, but also on tablets that have standard IAB display formats. Integrated with all functions for mobile display delivery.


Desired attention at the right time

The targeting feature ensures that online media advertising is targeted to the right audience at the right time and location. All types of user targeting and targeting properties are offered.

Telco Targeting

reaching specific telco providers

The target group of the telecommunications provider helps advertisers to differentiate their advertisements on the basis of telecom contracts - thus limiting the target group accordingly. This targeting function is based on the stored IP addresses of the providers.


Choose the desired style

Users can choose their own template with the existing library, or we can create a template based on the user request. This will benefit the user to customize their screens based on business areas.

Time Targeting

Reach the user at the specified time

If the advertiser only wants to reach website visitors at a specific time - whether the time, the day, the week or the month - in order to make explicit offers, time targeting allows this goal to be implemented or even sales at a specific time.


Optimize range of users

The available targeting options for the advertiser are country targeting, conceptual targeting, device type targeting, category targeting, and domain-level targeting. Advertisers can predefine and target their target audience based on the available targeting options.

XML Feeds

Requests & response

This extends the purchase and sales ads for advertisers and publishers by connecting the olicci ad server to XML feed networks. By reading into various parameters set for different publishers, they either automatically receive feeds from other XML-based networks and display the best bid feed as a text ad or create a feed with XML feed generator that is fetched from other networks.