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Designed for display ads with advanced ad network setup features.


Interactive video ad formats and extensive features for advertising on any platform


Ad serving solution that enables the purchase and sale of digital ads.


Provides an independent ad network to maximize targeted visitors.


Ads optimized for individual website content and style.


In game Ads, Advertise Game, Online-Game-Ads, MMO-Ads.


Ad-serving solution for online media companies and agencies.


Integration of any number of third-party exchanges.

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for every case

Benefit from our many years of experience in creating and implementing individual solutions.


Olicci offers a broad portfolio of ad server solutions to meet the diverse needs of advertisers. We create tailor-made AdServer solutions, individually tailored to the individual needs of your company. The team around InterWorXs has been developing since the beginning of the millennium. Adserver products and thus draws back on many years of expertise. The team of olicci is not only on the pulse of technical innovation and development of ad servers – it consists of people who have many years of experience in online marketing and online advertising.

In addition to using olicci AdNetwork for advertisers and ad space providers, the focus is on continually expanding and modifying the tools offered to meet the needs of the marketplace. The operation of our own olicci Ad Network also helps us to provide complete Whitelabel solutions for our BtoB customers. We provide solutions to agencies, publishers, webmasters, or ad networks specializing in a variety of online advertising applications. In addition to providing our solutions worldwide, we also offer the hosting and administration of your Whitelabel system, as we identify and correct problems from our own experience.

account manager

to manage manager

Affiliate Adserver is equipped with a unique feature, where the operator can distribute all tasks to different managers. Each manager has an user account that allows them to manage different inventories or perform other tasks such as reviewing advertisements.


Content administration

Advertiser: campaign and creative reports Publisher: site and ad block Geographic report Environment performance


Linear and non-linear

The advertiser delivers the native ad on the publisher‘s website. The advertising refers to the advertisers’ messages but is adjusted by the deposited CSS files of the respective website on which they are to be displayed and thus optimally integrated into the editorial area. Due to the editorial integration, more attention and positive results are achieved.

Affiliate Features

Manager module

The affiliate functions provide more revenue for the operator of an olicci Enterprise Adserver by enabling the operator to make the ad server functions available to the subscriber process to third business units that want to build up their own ad network.

Browser Targeting

Attention after browser usage

Advertiser have the possibility to limit their ad delivery to predefined use of browsers. Provided that the findings of the desired target audience are available due to the browsers used, this targeting possibility can be used profitable.


import CSV files

The operator can do the mass import of banners, campaigns for advertisers and mass uploading of websites to zones for publishers using CSV files.

Content Stream

Content stream ads, usually Image / Text (Content Description) / Video based can be inserted into these streaming feeds with sponsored content.

Contextual Targeting

Define meta keywords

Contextual targeting takes into account that the ad server delivers predefined ads only if the websites visited by the user match the keywords stored there. This ensures that the ads appear only in the desired editorial environment.

Conversion Tracking

Optimize on results

olicci Affiliate Adserver is designed to track conversions (CPA) and no impressions or clicks. The additional function of campaigns based on advertising can automatically optimize for conversions.